A small guy with huge talent and a unique charming performance with a b-boy attitude who usually wears black clothes but claims to have as many other colours in his closet. Especially his tracks are featuring a lot of timbre and intensity in acoustics. Michael Mayer describes his sound as ‚rough and muscular’ to the point. At the same time the DJ and Producer, spoiled by the sun of Miami, manages to put in together different elements for creating an energetic true tune. Nothing could be further away from his sound than gloomy and monotonic Techno. His compelling gift has been already acknowledged by several successful collaborations and releases but still – Danny is a scorching hot insider tip.

Danny Daze on BBC-Radio Show B.Traits on March-14-15



Last year another genius has joined the Kompakt family with a very solid and classy style of melodic Techno. Dauwd’s live performances has made the last season of electronic festivals richer and the techno scene aware of a new talent that walked in pretty smoothly with two EPs releases Kindlinn and Saleh last year. But some changes are going on lately: the producer recently moved to Berlin and is looking forward to this year in which he will put out his third EP Jupiter George with a surprisingly nice turn to his home genre Techno. The people out there will enjoy the headliner single more as a housy tune with disco character – a very refreshing start for 2015.



Their sound reminds me of a Nu-Indish stormy wave of independent Techno which I would celebrate during a dark, outrageously hot and impulsive party down somewhere in a huge hall with crowds of dancing people, rubbing their naked and sweaty skin next to each other. Already the Acido EP has cracked nutshells with their powerful and violent sound. The Italian duo already received great support among several DJs and their upcoming EP Brace Brace is truly promising to be the springboard into the techno pool of great artists.




‚Play emotional and fuck genre borders’ – I’m glad, that there are still these artists out there who dare their audience and resist playing safe. The results of such ways of performing can allow us to discover new forms of aesthetics like Lena did with her recent debut release Phantom Delia on Matias Aguayo’s Cómome label. With her variations of progressive but sensitive and rhythm-strong sound design she tells stories while bursting edges and leaving familiar terrain. Great potential for this exotic lady – hope to see her soon.




This artist knows his stuff and directly got signed under the label Innervisions after sending out only a handful of demos. His minimal and determining pieces seem to permeat time and space. Aera alias Ralf Schmidt also got good responses through his intense and versatile Tech-House live sets and recently remixed Manuel Tur’s track Agrafena, which reminds me of the sound when playing Super Mario World all day long during my childhood. The Berlin based producer is going to release his next EP You Know Juno on the young label Maeve.

Maeve Party for the Release of Aeras New EP. #innervisions #maeve #release #recordsberlin

Ein von sandylicious Blog Berlin (@sndylcs) gepostetes Foto am


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