Whether it’s a beautiful and sunny day or it’s a rainy and shitty day…you are going to enjoy this anyway. Come here to plunge into the very authentic turkish culinary vibe which is just located around your corner in Kreuzberg on Mehringdamm/Gneisenaustraße. This typical friendly place has everything what your Ottoman heart desires after spending the night out dancing or sleeping until noon, before you decide to go out and get your belly filled up with delicious swinishness. For both types of eating persons: the sweet guy on one side, the hearty, meaty on the other. You are going to have a big choice of breakfast meals with all turkish styles of egg always including a side dish and freshly home baked Simit (it’s ringlike, crusted pastry made of yeast dough sprinkeld with sesame). Prices between 3-8 Euro for this depends on the dish.

My recommendation: Come here with a lot of friends…and order as many as possible different egg dishes which you are going to share. I was at Alsancak many times and couldn’t try out everything yet…all was very good so far: Sucuklu Yumurta, Menemen, Hatay’ da kahvalti…I haven’t been to this place yet to order a regular dish. I like coming here for breakfast especially. But the Pide always looks good as well when I leave that place totally full. There are various deserts and sweets to look after like specialties like Firinda Sütlac or Künefe…yummy!


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ALSANCAK SIMIT SARAYI – Gneisenaustr. 3, 10961 Berlin -

Tel.: 030 983 322 05 – E-Mail: – FACEBOOK


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