Three asian chicks checked out the German kitchen @ the recently opened restaurant in Berlin Neukölln, its hip area @Weserstraße. The Beuster calls itself Beuster Bar – it seems they don’t want to be known as a pure restaurant for eating than more of a cozy meeting point to hang out and have a good drink. Well, we think its a great restaurant, we came here to have great dinner. But for sure it was crowded with people hanging around at the bar. There is not much information nor tons of reviews of other blogs online yet, so we don’t wanna keep that insider info we collected that evening at this place.

I found out, it’s not easy to translate the German word Hausmannskost into English. The simple meaning of it is solid, home made kitchen style with the distinct taste and a long tradition. Simple made on one hand but hard to catch the original taste. There are strict rules in cooking Hausmannskost. Beuster with its menue is not only about German, Austrian or English food, it offers variations of well known meals, made the original way.

Short review: Entering the Beuster was like discovering a hidden old, cool blouse in the closet of my mum which she had worn in the 80s, never have worn again until I found it and begged her for getting it, because its so damn classy and unique. The same feeling I got by entering that place which didn’t catch my eye from the street. Looked quite cozy with standard wooden tables and chairs, lots of candle light, some ceiling painting, green tiles and a rustic bar. While sitting a while we all got a bit cold caused by air conditioning and a leaky window. The service tried to help us out but I didn’t feel any difference when I asked to turn off the air con. We were nicely treated, maybe to nice and carefully. You could understand that the service was newly instructed.

The menue was written on a board. The choice was easy for me, I love Schnitzel, especially when it’s the original made of veal, so it was out of question what to order. When it was served I felt like a little child, clapping hands only because of that little piece of joy which is enough to make me happy for the next 13 minutes. It didn’t only look delicious, it certainly was. It was the way it should be done. The meat was thinly tapped and the taste was very delicate. The breading was crispy but fluffy. The potato salad was just very nice. This meal was a great deal. Even though I was turned on by the offered crumble as desert, I couldn’t help it. I was so full and couldn’t get anything more in my belly.

 We had a lovely evening with great food and drinks. Would recommend the BEUSTER for having dinner with good friends. Do your reservation ahead.












BEUSTER BAR – Weserstraße 32 – 12045 Berlin

Email: – Phone: 030 – 4195 9780

Open: Mo-Wed from 7pm – Thur-Sun from 6pm


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