One mounth ago I got invited via Food Blog Award to participate the cooking class of Andi Schweiger. Actually my first cooking class in Germany and directly held by a celebrity cook known by the TV show ‘Die Kochprofis‘, who runs his own restaurant SCHWEIGER2 in Munich and already got rewarded with his first Michelin star for his culinary creativity.


When arriving in the hall of the cooking class we first got a welcome drink and very delicious finger food.

DSC08132We got surprised by a well laid banquet.

DSC08142The cooking class was special held for us, as the Food Blog Award group with a lot of participants. Usually you get to cook yourself at a class but this time we got spoiled and just had to watch over masters shoulder while he explaining his personal way of preparing the dishes.

DSC08145This was kind of comfortable because we could ask all the stuff we wanted to know. Franzi, the woman alongside Andi, his wife and best colleague – they just turned out to be the most symbiotic couple and it was very much fun to watch them work together in sharing the same passion.

DSC08157The essence and the secret behind the cooking skill of Andi is first about fresh ingredients, high quality products and working with meat and fish as knowing the animals inside out. Knowing the source of the products, buying with conscious.

DSC08162They just cook with knowledge of the real taste and the authentic way of preparing dishes but being curious all the time. So for them its kind of obligatory to fillet the salmon themselves. Its the only way to make sure you get high quality food.

DSC08176Our set menue:

Scottish salmon – fennel – herbage salad


Rosé boiled fillet by veal – savoy – carrots – potato ‘Krapfen’


Almond cake – pineapple – chili icecream

DSC08186Seriously!!! It was the most delicious meal I’ve ever had so far. Never tasted something that good before.





Andi Schweigers Kochschule
Innere Wiener Straße 19
81667 München

Telefon.: +49 (0) 89 – 444 290 82



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