Well, it was my task to do a TOP 10 List of my favourite Deep House Tracks of all time and it was quite fun because you have connecting personal memories with songs and music in general. Here it goes:

1. Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love (UMG, 1994):

I’ve listened to this song many times when I was still a child. I remember, this track was on a Best Of…tape, to which I rehearsed a jazz dance and taught it to my friends in the Philippines.

2. Robin S – Show Me Love (Big Beat, 1993):

When I was at the age of 14, I bumped into this song on a street festival in the Philippines. It was my first disco time and this song is still my legendary party hit and I play it always when I can.

3. Daft Punk – Around The World (Virgin, 1997):

This song is legendary! I love it to death. It was the beginning of watching music videos with MTV in Germany and I was so fascinated by the choreography and the costumes in it.

4. Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Environ, 2010):

This classic track is always a party breaker. I love the soulful vocals mashed up with the housy 90s beat and catchy melody.

5. Terranova Feat. Tomas Hoffding – Question Mark (Kompakt, 2012):

This was the time when I moved back to Berlin and when I started to deal intensively with the genre House/Deep House and Techno. Many of my friends had become DJs, Producers or suddenly worked in the music field. This song marks a new period in my life after studying and finding my own way of life.

6. Chopstick and Johnjon - Obviously She’s A Whore (Suol, 2011):

Partying a lot in summer 2012 with this bombastic track on the Weekend roof. It’s damn sexy and I love dancing to it.

7. Motor City Drum Ensemble – L.O.V.E. (K7 Records, 2011):

This song has the perfect disco vibe for me. I love it, when samples of old soul songs are used.

8. Osunlade – Envision (Ame Remix) (Innervisions, 2011):

Festival time! This track is definitely the one I’ve heard the most at festivals. Those kinds of events are such intense experiences full of joy and the passion caused by music. It’s my festival track!

9. Arnaldo – A Song Name Of One Word (Smallville, 2012):

Another sexy song but not for partying but more for bed stories. Daniel Bortz played this track in his set at Watergate. I downloaded it directly after it was online. Since then it’s used to be my private set for romance.

10. Larry Heard – Missing You (Blackmarket/Alleviated, 1999):

This song is my most personal and hidden favourite track for different missions and occasions in my life. E.g. while driving and being stuck in traffic, travelling the world by backpack, cooking and having dinner with friends and so on. Missing you and its melody and atmosphere embodies freedom to me. The sound in there reminds me of the sea and gulls flying around.

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