(1) Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter (Playhouse, 2003):

For me he is a Techno legend and for this I had to chose one track of his first album Alcachofa. Sometimes I see Ricardo here in Berlin walking around alone by himself, then I first have to think about this track.

(2) Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler (Clone Records, 2006):

This is one of the songs you hear and want to know instantly who it is from. I walked through my life a long time listening to this track but never had the chance to learn who it was from – it wasn’t until a friend of mine played it during a party.

(3) Sascha Funke – Mango (Bpitch Control, 2008):

Sascha is a big name for me since I started going to electro parties. I love partying and dancing to this track.

(4) Ben Klock – Subzero (Ostgut Ton, 2009):

This is a typical Techno song for my taste. Hard but soft at the same time with a vibrant and cumulative energy. Berghain is calling.

(5) Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress (Novel Sound, 2011):

I always get excitied by listening to this track and feel directly the lust for going out and have a great time in a club. The siren sound is incredibly catchy.

(6) Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (Rekids, 2012):

Well, this is classic – for being a DJ myself, she is of course the most famous and favourite example of being a female successful artist in this men-dominanted music business. I love her and this song and the music video as well.

(7) Recondite – Cleric (Dystopian, 2013):

Rave time! Down south in Germany where I’m from, there is this amusement park called Europa Park. There is this roller coaster, which slowly runs up inside a huge silver ball in circles. While it is completely dark a similar track like Cleric is playing. I like how this song plays with getting louder and quieter again.

(8) CPI – Prosecco (Barnt Remix) (Hivern Disc, 2014):

My Techno festival track! I think I heard this one lots of times last year. Best work of Barnt so far I think.

(9) Boot & Tax – Acido (Optimo Trax, 2013):

This is a dirty and catchy Techno track for long nights. For me, this duo will have an upcoming break through this year.

(10) Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda – Solitary Daze (Ellum, 2014):

If Maceo hadn’t already had a great last year I would have recommended him surely for this year. He surprised me with this track as an opener for his set at Boiler Room here in Berlin. My favourite DJ right now!

And because it has been such a fun time – it is legendary already within BRKWYDLN – the boiler room session of Maceo Plex in which you can find 4 classic characters within the first 15 minutes. The Ellum groupie, the freak sent by satan, the ‘hey-we-are-such-a-hot-couple’ lovers and the self-expression free dancer.


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